Sargassum is not an issue on the Yucatan coast


The beaches of Chelem, Chicxulub and Chuburna are clean of sargassum. Seaweed only comes to the seawall and west coast, a situation that worries service providers who try to keep the spaces where they serve visitors clean.

In the summer area of Yucalpetén-Chelem, as well as the coastal strip of Chelem and Chuburna, the beaches are 100% free of sargassum.

Another part that is also free of sargassum is that of Chicxulub and Uaymitún, almost no marine algae has come to that part of the coast of the Progreso municipality. In front of that strip of coast, there is a lot of activity related to the octopus fishing season.

However, along the four kilometers of Progreso’s west coast and in front of the “Malecón”, a consdierable amount of sargassum has started to show up, a phenomenon that began early this week. Even though, the quantity is much less abundant than in Quintana Roo.

The fishermen consider that the sea is purging the seabed and expelling the algae to the coasts. Service providers remain concerned that if the algae continues to arrive in larger quantities, the holiday period could be affected.

Today, Thursday, August 9, the “Carnival Valor” cruiser brought some 3,500 passengers to Yucatecan soil, out of which half could stay in Progreso to enjoy the good weather on the beach.

Besides, during the month of August, local and national tourists arrive at the port in good numbers every single day.

The restaurenteurs, tenants, owners of palapas and umbrellas said they will keep the beach area clean of seaweed, in order to make visitors feel comfortable.

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