Representatives seek to reform the Penal Code, to apply severe sanctions to whoever organice dog fights in Yucatán


Clandestine dog fights are being carried out in many parts of Mexico, and Yucatán is not exception.

A law initiative seeks to reform the Penal Code in order to apply severe sanctions to those who promote and participate in canine fights.

Members of the Justice and Public Safety Commission of the local Congress analyze the possible reforms to the Criminal Code with which they seek to protect dogs that in some neighborhoods of the city of Mérida are currently raised, trained and sold exclusively for fighting.

The analysis of the initiative regarding the creation of the State Environmental Prosecutor’s Office with which Yucatán will strengthen its legal framework was also initiated in the same commission.

The president of the Board of Government and Political Coordination of the Congress, Celia Rivas Rodriguez presented the initiative corresponding to the General Law of Ecological Balance and Protection of the Environment that contemplates reforming article 410 of the Penal Code, to explicitly prohibit dogfighting with that our entity will be equated with the existing Law at the federal level.


“It is a responsibility, that as human beings we have towards the other living beings that inhabit this planet and as such we must respond”, said the representative.

Regarding the State Environmental Attorney proposed by Enrique Febles Bauzá, it would seek to strengthen the delivery of justice in environmental issues, with what Yucatán would join the 17 states that already have their corresponding special prosecutors.