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Quintana Roo in second national place with greater economic activity, Yucatan is fifth

by Yucatan Times
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According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), Quintana Roo ranks second in the nation in terms of higher participation rates in economic activity, just behind Baja California Sur.

This figure shows that 825,000 people work in the state, that is half of the population according to the National Electoral Institute (INE), where 1,200,000 people are registered. Plus 400,000 children and teenagers who are students in elementary, secondary and high school levels, according to the Ministry of Education.

According to INEGI, 21,802 people are unemployed in Quintana Roo, which represents 2.2% of their Economically Active Population (EAP).

According to INEGI the states that have the highest participation rates in economic activity are:

  • Baja California Sur 67.3%
    Quintana Roo 66.9%
    Colima 66.6%
    Nayarit 65.3%
    Yucatán 64.4%
    Sonora 63.5%
    Baja California 63.1%
    Mexico City 62.5%
    Chihuahua 62.4%
    Tamaulipas 62.3%
    Guanajuato 62.1%
    Coahuila and Nuevo León 61.7%
    Jalisco with 61.5%

69.6% of the entire population receives a salary, while only 30.4% get income in another way, leaving 6.2% in the underemployment category.

In the same way, he stressed that in relation to its population size, the State of Mexico and Mexico City are the largest labor markets in the country, with 7.6 and 4.3 million employed individuals respectively, and together represent the 22% of the national total.

It is followed by Jalisco with 3.6 million, Veracruz  3.2 million, Puebla 2.7 million, Guanajuato 2.6 million, Nuevo León 2.4 million and Michoacán with 2 million people.

At the other end and in direct relation with its population structure, the states with the smaller labor markets are:

  • Colima 376,000 people
    Baja California Sur 402,000 people
    Campeche 410,000 people
    Aguascalientes 561,000 people
    Tlaxcala 571,000 people
    Nayarit 592,000 people
    Zacatecas with 639,000 people

The states that observed the highest unemployment rates (in respect to the EAP) during the second quarter of 2018 were:

  • Tabasco with 6.4%
    Mexico City 5.1%
    Coahuila de Zaragoza, the state of Mexico and Nayarit with 4.1% individually
    Querétaro 3.9%
    Tamaulipas 3.8%
    Durango and Sinaloa 3.7%
    Sonora 3.6%
    Baja California Sur and Nuevo León with 3.5% .

In contrast, the lowest rates unemployment were reported in the following states:

  • Guerrero 0.8%
  • Oaxaca 1.4%
  • Yucatán 1.5%
  • Michoacán1.9%
  • Morelos 2.1%
  • Hidalgo and San Luis Potosí 2.4%
  • Zacatecas with 2.5%

Source: INEGI

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