Mysterious foul odor plagues Mérida’s southwest side

Several people have reported through social networks a foul smell perceived in the air in different neighborhoods across Merida.

Citizens who complain about the “stench” have come up with their own hypotheses ranging from: burning of garbage, a dead animal near their home, wastewater treatment or cleaning of a septic tank.

The reality is that according to a great number of comments on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and others, we can say that the southwest side of the city is where this situation is more common, because among the colonias that are complaining of the unpleasant aroma we can mention Juan Pablo, La Herradura, Los Almendros, La Canek, Tixcacal, Las Haciendas, Juan Pablo 2, Sian Kaan, Rela Caucel … among others.

So far the reason for this fact is unknown, but the reality is that this situation is causing great discomfort among residents who are within the perimeter of this strange “stench”.

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