Mexican avocado sales to China skyrocketed this year

Mexican avocados are rapidly gaining popularity in China: sales in the first half of the year were greater than they were in all of 2017.

January-to-June sales totaled 9,368 tons, 7.1% more than the total for last year.

Not only has the demand increased but prices have remained stable for producers and production is rising, said Juan Carlos Anaya of agriculture consultancy Grupo Consultor de Mercados Agrícolas.

The latter has ensured enough supply for export and domestic markets, he said.

A Chinese buyer said there was growing acceptance and awareness of the Mexican avocado.

Exports to China are up partly due to health protocols signed between the two countries in 2017, and partly due to improved bilateral relations.

Anaya said visits to China by President Enrique Peña Nieto and other officials have had an effect on trade in general and an avocado marketing campaign by the federal marketing agency ProMéxico and the Foreign Affairs department has helped spread awareness.

Exports soared 831% between 2013 and 2017. In economic terms, the value of avocados shipped was up 936% to US $25 million.

Source: Mexico News Network

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