Mexican armed forces deliver new textbooks to rural schools across the country

Mexico army troops are helping in rescue and recovery efforts in the wake of Tropical Storm Earl. (PHOTO: AFP)

Soldiers, marines, and pilots from the Mexican Armed Forces have agreed to guard and transport free government textbooks for the 2018-2019 school cycle to difficult access areas and zones that have been affected by weather phenomena in Mexico.

As part of the commitment undertaken by the Ministries of National Defense (SEDENA), and Navy (SEMAR), as well as the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), the collaboration aims to protect and transport the textbooks to marginalized areas.

The heads of each of the government bodies: Army: Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda (SEDENA), Navy: Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz (SEMAR), and Education Secretariat: Otto Granados Roldán (SEP), signed the agreement at a military institution in Mexico City.

The agreement states that Mexico’s Armed Forces are to provide the necessary vehicles for the transport of free government textbooks and other educational materials, as well as security and patrol services during the activities.

Source: Notimex