Merida leads ranking of best-evaluated municipal authorities


The Best Mexican Cities to Live in 2018 study, carried out by the consultancy Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica, places Mérida in the first place in the index of the best evaluated municipal authorities, second in satisfaction in municipal services, second as the most recommended city to live, fifth in social cohesion and 9th in quality of life.

San Pedro Garza García, from Nuevo León, leads the list in the indicators for better quality of life, social cohesion, satisfaction in public services and a city recommended for living.

Gabinete de Comunicación points out that it is consistently observed in these studies that the cities in the north of the country, some of the city halls of Mexico City and Mérida appear well evaluated in the different indicators and this indicates that the south of the country has the greatest potential for improvement.

It also states that the population knows little about its municipal authorities, misapplies them and gives them a failing grade below 60% in all 76 cities evaluated and 16 mayorships in Mexico City.

Mérida achieved the following ratings in the indicators evaluated this year:

  • Quality of Life, 67.53%, occupying the 9th place out of 10.
  • Social cohesion, fifth place, with 6.04%
  • Satisfaction with municipal services, second place, with 54.17%.

Municipal services include garbage collection, attention to drainage and leakage problems, paving and patching, maintenance of public lighting, parks and gardens, control of irregular trade and street vending (ambulantaje), improvement of health centers, free internet service, cultural activities and sports and tourism promotion.

Mérida came up first, with 54.45%, on the index of best evaluated municipal authorities, and second in city most recommended to live with 27.3%.

On the evaluation of authorities, the study highlights the perception that citizens have on the performance and leadership of the city mayor.

The capital of Yucatan did not come up in the life satisfaction indicator, which could mean that there is a low level of happiness among Meridanos. This indicator evaluates family, life in a couple, housing, education, work, place of residence and economic situation.

Source: Gabinete de Comunicación