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Mask that represented the Mayan ruler Pakal was found in Palenque

by Yucatan Times
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During maintenance and conservation tasks in the archaeological zone of Palenque, researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History found a stucco mask that allegedly represents the Great Maya Emperor Pakal “El grande.”

The team, led by archaeologist Arnoldo González, discovered this sculpture next to a ritual deposit of ceramics, aquatic fauna and minerals in House E of the architectural complex of El Palacio.

The discovery was recorded during conservation work aimed at understanding the accumulation of water in the east courtyard of House E.

“The first exploration was made during an inspection to detect the method used by the Maya to drain the water from the building” González explained.

According to archaeologists, the characteristics of the sculpture could represent the Maya ruler ‘K’inich Janaab’ Pakal in his old age, as it resembles his facial features and the protuberance of his mouth. “It is the first representation that we have of old Pakal”, clarified the archaeologist.

The ritual offering found included ceramic figurines and pots, carved bones, jadeite fragments, flint, nacre shell, obsidian and numerous bones of turtles, sea bass, mojarras, lizards, crab claws, small birds and snails.

“The offerings are usually presented when a period comes to an end, an architectural renovation or the construction of a new building. In this case, it looks like it was a renovation. ”

Also, in House C they identified a nariguera (Slope that some Indians put on the skin that divides the two nostrils), an ornamental piece made of bone that although it does not belong to Pakal, it does coincide with the same Late Classic period. “We have never seen a nariguera of this type in the Maya area, nor in Mesoamerica; it is unique,” said Arnoldo González.

TYT Newsroom with information from yucatan.com.mx

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