(Photo: SIPSE)

Given the speculation about the possible cancellation of the Maya Culture International Festival (Festival Internacional de la Cultura Maya: FICMaya 2018) due to the administrative changes that the State is going through, the festival’s executive president, Jorge Esma Bazán, denied the rumor and assured that the preparations continue taking place as planned.

In an interview, the state official said that except for problems of economic and programmatic adjustment, the VII edition of the International Festival dedicated to the Maya Culture is not at risk, however, he acknowledged that the continuity of this festival is another matter.

“On these issues there are changes of political and social order that in some conditions, could modify agreements previously established, especially in the cultural, social and artistic fields” he explained.

Also, the head of the Institute of History and Museums of Yucatan said that the change of administration in the government will not affect this year’s event, as it does not affect the Cervantino Festival that has been held for 46 years in the city of Guanajuato.

Esma Bazán explained that until now he has not received any information that contradicts the plans, so he assured that the Festival Internacional de la Cultura Maya: FICMaya 2018 ill be held this year from October 19 to 28 with the theme ” The Mayas of Today in Time “.

Souce: SIPSE