“Feminaria” a theatrical play that proves women are also violent…

(Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

A dance-theater play about violence among women is “Feminaria”, by Yucatecan choreographer, dancer and director Roger Pech Sansores.

The show took place on Tuesday Aug. 21, at 8 pm at the Peón Contreras Theater, as part of the Festival of Young Creators, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts (Sedeculta).

Roger Pech shares that this piece of contemporary dance and theater came true with the help of the dancers of Cynthia Alayola, Josefina Castillo and Nili Gallegos. The presentations began in July with the Municipal Funds for the Performing Arts and Music, and today will be presented within this festival organized by Sedeculta.

The director feels a great emotion and commitment, especially to be at the Peón Contreras because it is the most important theater in the State and probably in Southeast Mexico.

“Feminaria” had its premiere in 2014 in the quadrangle of the Municipal Palace.

The 50-minute duration play, addresses violence among women. “And when you hear about violence against women, it’s usually thought that it’s men hurting women,” explains Roger Pech; However, “this is not always the case because violence occurs among women too, as is the case of those who fight for their boyfriends or husbands”, Pech added.

“Also, there is violence at the workplace, when a woman does not let another one ascend or when a new one arrives and they treat her badly and see her as a threat”, said Pech.

“Feminaria” is in charge of Odori Desu Arte Contemporáneo, Roger Pech’s company, which was founded in 2011, and has an academic basis: a study from Spain showed that 70% of women have been victims of another woman with more power at work.

“The theatrical play involves choreography and texts. It’s dance theater because it’s not just dance, there’s interpretation and acting”, Roger Pech concluded.

Source: yucatan.com.mx