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Cosmetic Surgery Trends in 2018

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Once only the privilege of the rich and famous who wanted to improve their looks, cosmetic surgery is now more accessible to the publicthan ever. People choose to have surgery to improve areas of their body that they are unhappy with and transforming themselves in this way often improves people’s self-confidence.

Like all areas of medicine, there are regular advancements to the surgery available and the methods used. This means that trends in cosmetic surgery are constant changes in trends relating to this field of medicine. Here are the cosmetic surgery trends of 2018.


Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is becoming an increasingly popular option, both in cosmetic surgery and in other fields of surgery. The use of laser technology is less invasive and carries fewer risks than many other surgical methods. Laser technology is used in many different types of cosmetic surgery, from laser bra lifts to cosmetic laser dermatology, examples of which can be found at CLDerm.com. People like the idea that they can have cosmetic procedures conducted without the necessity of using a scalpel.


Genital Enhancements

People once accepted that they had the genitals they were born with and even if they were unhappy with their genitals, they would feel too embarrassed to see a cosmetic surgeon to resolve their issues. However, genital enhancement is no longer a taboo subject and more people than ever are taken the plunge to have their genitals customized. For men, the focus is on penis enhancement surgery while for women, they are having labiaplasty for either increased comfort or to make their genitals more visually appealing.


Eye Fillers

Lip fillers have been around for many years and people have had these implanted to give them the perfect pout. They are particularly popular amongst people who think their lips are too thin and want to have luscious looking lips. A similar product that is intended for eyes is set to become a trend in 2018. As people age, they lose volume around their eyes. To reverse the aging process, people will have the option of having fillers in both their upper and lower eyelids.


An Improved Version of Botox

Botox has been one of the most popular options amongst those who wish to appear younger for many years. This injectable toxin can help to remove wrinkles and create a smoother complexion without the need for more invasive surgical procedures. While Botox will continue to be a popular choice, specialists in cosmetic surgery have revealed that a better alternative is set to be released in 2018. Although they have not said what the alternative is, they have stated that it is delivered in the same way as a cosmetic injectable but will have better results and last longer.


Upper and Lower Body Lifts

The media and government bodies have put a lot of focus on the obesity problem and have encouraged people to take steps to lose weight. One problem that people face following a huge weight loss is excess skin. For many years, cosmetic surgeons have offered procedures to remove the excess skin from various parts of the body. These have included tummy tucks, arm lifts, buttock lifts, and breast lifts. Surgeons have now begun to offer packages to have several procedures done at the same time in what has become known as upper body lifts and lower body lifts. As the push to fight obesity continues and more people achieve dramatic weight loss, it is likely that the trend for upper and lower body lifts will continue.


Celebrity-Inspired Rhinoplasty

While rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job, has been available for many years, there has been a change in the reasons that people want this procedure and their expectations from the surgery. In the past, people have simply requested that their nose is shorter, slimmer, or more button-like. Now, people have begun to request a nose that is modeled on that of a celebrity. For example, In the lead up to the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, there was an increase in requests to have rhinoplasty that would give the patient a nose just the same as the princess. As celebrities have such a huge influence on trends in all areas of life, it is likely that they will continue to inspire cosmetic procedures throughout 2018.

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