Valladolid (Photo: Archive)

The facades of the colonial buildings located in the Historic Center are deteriorating more and more without anyone doing nothing to deal with this sad situation. Even though its architecture was one of the factors considered to designate Valladolida as a Magical Town, today a large number of historic buildings and monuments are in total neglect.

But, what is the municipal government doing about it? It seems like not much…

The Historical Center is composed of almost 300 facades of colonial buildings, according to the last census made in 1995 by the former director of Urban Development and Public Works, Carlos Alberto Cosgaya Medina, who is a well known historian, and resident of this city.

The colonial buildings that have been leased by particulars to open up businesses such as shops, restaurants, and boutique hotels, are the only ones that look good.

But most of these historic buildings and houses have mold on the walls, its paint is peeling and black cracks and holes can be observed on their facades.

Alpha Alejandra Tavera Escalante, a school teacher from Mérida, Yucatán, who became the first member of the Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional: MORENA political party to win an election in the state, is just about to finish her three-year term as municipal president, and it seems like she is going to leave this situation for the upcoming  administration to resolve.