Chicxulub Puerto “Ass Grabber”: 4 years on the loose causing panic among women

Four years ago, back in August 2014, The Yucatan Times published an article about a pervert known as the “Ass Grabber” (“El Tocanalgas”), who was on the loose, causing panic among girls and housewives in the coastal town of Chicxulub Puerto.

And 4 years later, on Sunday August 26th, the same subject was about to be lynched by residents of Chicxulub Puerto, when he was discovered literally “stalking” a young girl through a window, while he was inappropriately touching himself.

The enraged locals caught him and beat him up, but agents of the Municipal Police of Progreso and the Secretariat of Public Security intervened to arrest the suspect and calm the citizens.

This subject has been arrested on countless occasions for spying on women, for touching himself in public spaces and for trying to sexually abuse a student. The last time he was arrested was because he was spying on a woman through a window, and masturbating at the same time.

However, due to the new accusatory and oral system, R.J.A.H has been sentenced, but released from prison just weeks later. And once again, on Sunday August 26th, “El Tocanalgas“, who is 36 years old, was caught jerking off while spying on a girl, through a window in Chicxulub Puerto.

The owners of the property saw him, and the subject tried to run away, nevertheless, next door neighbors ran after him, grabbed the “Ass Grabber”, and started to beat him up.

The subject was rescued from the fury of the residents by the local police, and taken to the municipal jail of Progreso.

On March 2016, “El Tocanalgas” was sentenced to one year in prison by the Progreso Control Court, when he was found guilty of sexual abuse, since he was caught inappropriately touching a woman’s gluteus maximus in Chicxulub Puerto.

On another occasion, the Third Court of Control, based in Progreso, sentenced the subject to three months in prison for attempting to rape a student in Progreso. The events occurred on October 6, 2014, on Calle 97 in Fraccionamiento Brisas del Sol. The man held the young girl from behind, covered her mouth and inappropriately touched her private parts.

The people of Chicxulub Puerto claim that this individual must be punished with full force of the law.

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