August brings massive influx of visitors to Progreso and the Animaya park


A large number of visitors can be seen at the different recreational spaces in Yucatan, towards the end of the holiday period.

During the last years, Mérida has positioned itself as an important tourist destination that offers cultural and entertainment activities, for both children and adults. An example of this is the Animaya Zoo, which has recently become one of the most visited attractions in the city.

According to information from the Directorate of Municipal Public Services, the Zoo receives 7,000 visitors every Sunday on average, 10% more than in previous years.

They are mostly national tourists who come to see the animals and enjoy other entertainment activities available, including the water park where people can mitigate the intense summer heat.

During the current administration, the Express (train), the dining area and the children’s games were inaugurated.

There is also the Ecoferia and Mi Primera Pradera, where children and adults, through groups organized at scheduled times, have the opportunity to interact with offspring of different species such as ostrich, rheas and emu.

Another activity is the so-called Reptile Summer  (Verano Reptil), which serves to raise awareness of the importance of this group of animals in the ecosystems they inhabit and, based on participation, people earn the right to take the photo and interact with crocodiles, snakes and turtles .


Further north, the spectacular family atmosphere continued on the second Sunday of August in Progreso, although “regular” sales prevailed among the hundreds of merchants on the international boardwalk.

With the arrival of 30,000 local, national and international tourists, Progeso continued with its negative streak in the longest holiday period of the year, as service providers said that 2018 has been one of the most “slow” years in terms of sales.

Meanwhile, a Tekit family said it was totally worth it to take a one hour 20 minute trip to the beach. They indicated that both the food and the people, as well as the weather made their stay in Progreso magnificent. The tekiteños said that the Mérida-Progreso highway is very efficient and they did not have to deal with traffic jams.

Regarding the economic spill that was generated during the weekend, a candy vendor said that this year has been very “slow” and did not meet his expectations. He said that various factors drove people away, he emphasized that sales have been scarce this year”.

Wilmer Pérez Godoy, who rents beach umbrellas, confirmed that it has been a vacation period “to forget”, because business has not been good. He explained that the “Back to School” expenses reduced the economy of families and that this would be the main cause of absenteeism on the beach. Pérez Godoy added that the alleged influenza outbreak had nothing to do with the low arrival of tourists.

Agents of the municipal and state police carried out surveillance and security operations at all times in the center of the port and the boardwalk, and there are no reports of crimes or violent incidents.