Athletes from Yucatán leave their mark in Colombia


The quality of the athletes of Yucatán left a mark on the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla 2018.

In this edition Mexico rose as the champion of Central America with a total of 335 medals, of which 131 were gold, 116 silver and 88 bronze.

It should be noted that in this international competition women stood out like never before, since of the 335 medals 180 were won by women and 135 by men, while mixed groups won 21 medals.

Rommel Pacheco Marrufo, was the first athlete from Yucatan to contribute with a metal. The experienced diver was as one of the favorites to won the medal and so he did.

The Yucatecan won a bronze on the 1 meter trampoline, but Pacheco Marrufo’s specialty is the 3 meter individual springboard, where he was proclaimed champion of the contest when he won the gold medal, a place he would repeat with Yahir Ocampo in the synchronized 3 meters trampoline.

In ping-pong, Yucatecans Ricardo Villa Can and Miguel Lara Escalante, climbed to the Central American podium in the team category.

But the harvest of tennis medals did not end there, as Villa with the poblano Marcos Madrid reached the final in the doubles modality where they were finally awarded with the silver medal.

The next to stand out was Josué Medina of weightlifting who climbed on the platform with great level to obtain bronze.

We can not forget the national selection of synchronized swimming that stood out in the Aquatic Center of Colombia proclaiming themselves two-time champions. They shone in all their tests and they left with seven gold medals. Here we highlight the participation of the Yucatecans Karem Achach, Regina Alférez and Wendy Mayor who are part of the national team.

In Tae Kwon do Lupita Quintal from Yucatan won the silver. And in hand-ball Sergio Sánchez was third with the Mexican team.

Armando Loria a trampoline gymnastics athlete from Yucatán, won an individual silver and gold in the synchronized mode. While in archery Esmeralda Sánchez brought gold for teams in composite bow.