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Artificial intelligence at shopping centers will transform the shoppers’ experience

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The future is happening faster than ever, thanks to the rapid pace of tech innovation and digital culture. The rapid pace of tech innovation and digital culture are creating seismic changes in the way we work and live. And consumers are more demanding of brands than ever, seeking novel experiences and self-improvement in all aspects of life.

Artificial intelligence, purchases through retinal recognition and even health diagnostics at restroom areas, are some of the features that shopping centers will have in 10 years according to “2028 Retail Future”, the new report by J. Walter Thompson Intelligence.

In a statement, the marketing communications company stressed that consumers are in the sights of brands, as the former are increasingly demanding, from information to how they live and enjoy their places of recreation, with increasingly more attractive experiences.

Under the name Destination 2028, the report indicates that within a decade, hyperconnected microcities will prevail around the world, where shopping, along with wellness services will be available for all citizens.

Destination 2028_Westfield_retail_Springwise (Photo: jwtintelligence.com)

The shopping centers will feature sensory gardens and water paths that will allow relaxation, in addition to devices able to measure the levels of hydration and vitamins in the human body. Courses and conferences on different topics related to nutrition and body care will take place on a regular basis at these shopping centers, in order to create interest of consumption on products and services.

“With technology at the service of the client, the main idea is to make the shopping experience less stressful and more interesting. Thus, eye scanners can help both parties: sellers and consumers,” says the report.

“In addition, artificial intelligence may help to organize the transit of people within the premises, by reporting which areas are congested or help the shopper to choose businesses where there are no long waiting lines,” the report continues.

Finally, the report issued by J. Walter Thompson Intelligence pointed out that people will be able to scan products using their cellphones and obtain all the data about each and every item, from available colors, sizes and prices to nutritional information or detailed descriptions of different products and/or services.

Source: https://www.jwtintelligence.com/

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