AMLO invites Meade over for breakfat at his “casa”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador had breakfast at his home with José Antonio Meade, whom he described as a “decent, good, honorable person”.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Lopez Obrador said he met with the former presidential candidate of the PRI-Verde-Panal coalition, because “nobility forces” (nobleza obliga, an old Mexican saying), and he said that Meade was “the first to call him to recognize that we had succeeded, that he was the new president-elect and to wish him well, because if AMLO does well, the country will do well. ”

“We have to reconcile, unite to move forward in favor of our beloved Mexico, and carry out the fourth national ransformation,” he added.

Sitting next to López Obrador in the living room of his house, Meade wished luck to the man from Tabasco.

“Thank you very much for the invitation, for receiving me at your home and for the opportunity to tell you what I said on that call: the best of luck, because your success is the success of the country and I am sure you will do very well ” Meade said shaking hands with López Obrador, who did not specify the reason for the meeting or the issues discussed during this encounter.




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