AMLO and business sector will build an economic power to double the annual growth rate

The incoming federal government and the business community will work together towards turning Mexico into an economic power, the president-elect said yesterday.

Speaking after a three-hour meeting with members of the powerful Mexican Business Council (CMN), Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared that Mexico has the capacity to double its rate of economic growth from 2% to 4%, adding that the private sector is committed to doing its part to achieve it.

“There is confidence, they are going to keep investing, they’re going to create jobs and we’re going to achieve the aim to make Mexico an economic power because we have the resources for that,” he said.

“We have a lot of natural resources, we have very hardworking people and business people who are going to invest. They’re going to have the support of the government so that they have the ability [to do it], so that they don’t have obstacles and so that economic growth is achieved,” López Obrador added.

CMN president Alejandro Ramírez described the meeting as “constructive” with frank and open dialogue with the president-elect.

He explained that the 50 companies that make up the CMN are excited to support the new government’s proposed economic initiatives such as the apprenticeship scheme for young people called “Youths building the future.”

Ramírez, CEO of cinema chain Cinépolis, said the meeting also covered a range of other topics including the importance of small and medium-sized businesses to the economy, ways that the private sector can contribute to combating corruption and impunity and the insecurity problem.

In addition, they also touched on plans for the energy sector, the next government’s legislative agenda and the future of the new Mexico City International Airport, he said.

“Once again, confidence permeated between the business sector and the next president of Mexico,” Ramírez said.

“It was a very cordial meeting with open dialogue. We all left very optimistic.”

With regard to the airport project, López Obrador told a press conference today that his transition team will carry out a national public consultation in the last week of October to help determine its future.

“I call on the people of Mexico to help us . . . to resolve this difficult issue that we inherited but which we must confront in the best way possible,” he said.

Javier Jiménez Espriú, tapped to be the next secretary of communications and transportation, said that in accordance with an expert report on the project delivered to the incoming government today, there are two options that must be considered.

The first is to continue with the construction of the current project in Texcoco, México state, and the second is to build two new runways for commercial flights at the Santa Lucía Air Force Base in the same state, he explained.

“. . . The two options have points for and against, which is why I’ve decided to carry out a comprehensive consultation with specialists, members of the business sector, civil society and citizens in general,” Jiménez said.

The airport project is one of seven infrastructure projects that López Obrador has said his government will prioritize once in office.

Source: Mexico News Daily