Yucatecan enterpreneurs seek to strengthen local productivity with “Tech Day”

(Photo. yucatan.com.mx)

In order to strengthen partnerships, and to contribute to the productivity of local companies, the Council of Entrepreneurs in Technology, Innovation and Communications (Cetic), A.C., will hold on August 29 the “Tech Day. Expanding your technological vision.”

The event is aimed at decision makers in times of vibrant and unpredictable mobility of the economy in business and the technological revolution that alters the way people live, work and relate.

In the presentation of the event, at the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) of Mérida, it was indicated that innovation is important to have a sustained growth.

Accompanied by Dalia Millán Vela, general director of the Canaco, and other executives, Simón Cáceres Heredia, president of Cetic-Anadic Yucatán, said that 600 invitations were sent to the same number of decision-making executives, managers and owners of companies throughout the country, but mostly from the Yucatan Peninsula.

Admission will be free, but registration is required.

Cáceres Heredia explained that the goal of “Tech Day” or Technology Day is to bring together in a single day different actors of the Information Technology Industry, to talk and share the trends in innovation from different areas.

On this occasion, at the event, which will be held at the Canaco, four high-level specialists will share topics such as: “The future of cybersecurity”, and “How to manage and solve remote office challenges”.

It was announced that the event will have the presence of a special guest.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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