Woman dies inside the Golden Island casino facilities, in the north of Merida

A woman died on Tuesday July 3 inside the premises of the Golden Island Casino, located in Colonia Mexico, Northern Mérida.

The woman was found unconscious lying on the floor one of the aisles of the casino. According to an IFE identification she carried, her name was Martha Cecilia Romero Gil, 57 years old and originally from Paraíso, Tabasco.

The woman was of robust complexion and wore a red long-sleeved blouse and blue jeans. She had a small wound on her left eyebrow, apparently caused during her fall in the casino, from which she did not get up.

Employees of the Golden Island Casino declared that the victim was a regular customer.

One of the woman’s friends, María Teresa Villanueva, who is a nurse, was also playing in the casino, she saw her friend lying on the carpet, and told the members of the staff that with an improvised tracheotomy the woman would continue breathing.

However, 40 minutes passed and the woman did not receive medical attention. And after 40 minutes, a lawyer arrived (that’s right, a lawyer… not a doctor!), who obviously called the emergency services, and when the paramedics arrived, it was too late, the lady no longer had vital signs.

María Teresa Villanueva is accusing the Golden Island Casino administration of negligence for not calling the emergency services immediately.

TYT Newsroom