This summer feel good, improve your health and quality of life

Many of us ask ourselves what activity we can carry out this summer to feel good and improve our health and quality of life at the same time.

It is evident that more and more Baby Boomers, and people from other generations are moving to the city of Mérida, which is the safest and most quiet state capital in Mexico.

And many of these people are looking for activities that may allow them to have good physical, mental and spiritual health. The answer is simple: practice yoga.

Now, several questions arise: Where can I take a decent yoga class? What kind of facilities do they have? Is there a class for beginners, intermediate or advanced? Do they speak English?

And all those questions are summarized in one place: Sol y Tierra


Sol y Tierra features the perfect characteristics to favor a conscious and secure yoga practice.

It is a unique, intimate, and inclusive studio solely dedicated to practices that promote holistic wellbeing in Mérida, Yucatán.

The studio is beautiful, well lit, clean, properly ventilated and with A/C. All props needed to make a practice accessible are available; soft wooden floors help to protect the bodies’ articulations.

Located in the Colonia García Ginerés, a quiet and safe residential area, it is only a few minutes away from Downtown Mérida. There is plenty of street parking, and there are also several close-by public transportation stops.

People of all ages come to practice yoga at Sol y Tierra (Photo: Josefina Erosa)

You are cordially invited to come to Sol y Tierra and take a class with well-known teacher Susan Chanda every Wednesday at 9:30 AM. Try it once and you are going to love it so much, that you will be back every Wednesday!

The class is 100% bilingual and suitable for people of all ages and levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced).

Susan is American, but she has been living in Mérida for a number of years now, she teaches a dynamic class that includes the use of props and is also incredibly fun and suitable for anyone who wants to learn or practice yoga.

See you at Sol y Tierra !

For more information send an email to

Sol y Tierra

  • Calle 15 # 210 (x 26)
  • Col. García Ginerés
  • Mérida, Yucatán
  • Tel.- 925 02 48