Pitahaya and avocado, with good demand in Mérida, Yucatán

(Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

Market tenants of the Lucas de Gálvez market report good demand for pitahaya, nance, huaya and other local seasonal fruits, wich production has been favored during this rainy season.

“The demand for pitahaya and other tropical fruits increased 40% on these hot days”, they said.

According to the merchants, pitahaya is one of the most requested fruits this season. The kilogram is worth around 20 pesos, although it can be sold per tray at 50 pesos and brings up to 4 pieces.

“People buy a lot to eat or prepare mojitos in restaurants, bars and canteens”, one of the tenants explained.

Another fruit that also has much demand is the huaya, which costs around 10 pesos and the nance, which costs between 10 and 20 pesos per bag. Watermelon also has good demand, since it is very juicy and good for the heat. It is sold at 6 pesos per kilo.

The production of pitahaya is notorious inside the state. Hunucmá is one of the municipalities where the supply of fruit abounds.

The municipal market is saturated with this well-known fruit. Such is the demand that the merchants travel every other day to Merida to buy the pitahaya in the Casa del Pueblo. Prices are accessible, which is why people buy it for its quality and size. It is common to see people acquire pitahaya, either to eat or to prepare a soft drink (agua fresca).

It was also noted that the avocado has good demand, due to its quality and size, since the market is also saturated.

Saleswoman María Consuelo Gómez, who has been in the fruit and vegetable trade for 30 years, reports that she travels to Oxkutzcab to buy avocados because farmers around Mérida, stopped cultivating this fruit due to lack of government support.

Source: yucatan.com.mx



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