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New MID CityBeat website launches with Mexican pop star Aleks Syntek video interview

by Yucatan Times
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The Yucatan Time’s columnist Stephanie Carmon has just launched her new website www.midcitybeat.com which is a place to go to find out what is happening in Merida and who is making it happen. Here you will see her articles and videos about trendy places to go, the best places to eat, Merida nightlife as well as the art, culture and music scene. She also features exclusive video interviews with some of Merida’s most successful entrepreneurs and those making a history in the city with their inspiring stories.

You cannot miss her exclusive interview with Aleks Syntek who is a Mexican singer, songwriter and producer born in Merida and raised in Mexico City. In this interview, he talks about his latest album “Transatlántico”, his opinion about reggaeton music, cultural misunderstandings and much more.

Here are some of Stephanie’s thoughts on her launch and interview with Syntek.
“It gives me great pleasure to launch this website with my interview with Aleks Syntek. I met Aleks in the Los Angeles airport in April of 2017. –Maybe some of the readers remember the article I wrote about that encounter– I was of course thrilled to see such a talented, famous musician standing right next to me at the baggage claim and had to introduce myself. He was incredibly friendly and open to talking and, as most star-struck fans do, I asked to take a picture with him. I also got a chance to ask him what he was doing in LA and he told me he was working on a project that would be released the following year. As I started on my way towards customs, I told him how exciting it was to meet him and he said it was cool for him too because not many people recognize him in the US. I laughed and said. “well, I am your fan gringa”!

A few days later, I decided to send the picture I took with him to his official Facebook messenger. To my utter surprise he thanked me for sending him the picture and sent me a link to the project he was working on in the US. I clicked the link and saw the most inspiring, genuine work I had seen in very a long time. I won’t say much yet about the project because it has not been published, but I will say that it kindled a fire inside me that had been very dimly lit for too many years.

It reminded me of my passions and dreams and that I too should chase those dreams. It’s never too late to follow your heart and ambitions. That simple action of watching the link he sent and meeting him completely set me on a new path to revisit my creative self and start working on ideas that motivate me. MID CityBeat is online because of a chance encounter with a famous pop star and the grand person that is Aleks Syntek.”

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For the full interview go here: www.midcitybeat.com


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