Municipal Bazar of Valladolid looks full of diners


Hundreds of tourists swarmed the downtown area of Valladolid on Monday July 30, specially the municipal bazaar, where visitors arrived in large numbers to eat and spend time with their families.

Street vendors selling handicrafts also had a good day in the surroundings of the main park, where vehicles and tourist buses could be seen all over the place.

The foreigners whose destination was the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá, stayed around 20 or 30 minutes, but nationals who were traveling to Quintana Roo, stopped to grab a bite to eat and then continued their way.

Arts & Crafts in Valladolid (Photo:

Dominga Beh Moo, a street vendor selling handicrafts, said that Sunday “was a good day” because there was a good influx of visitors, most of them were on their way to the Riviera Maya and Cancun but as they passed through the city they stopped and bought souvenirs.

Tourists coud be seen eating at the municipal bazaar, walking through the streets of the Historic Center, seating down at the main park and browsing around shops and restaurants.

Street vendors offered all kinds of products, such as embroidered blouses and dresses, ornaments, accesories, ice cream, candy and soft drinks (which many bought due to the intense heat). The skies turned cloudy around noon, and a drizzle fell at 3 o’clock.

More visitors are expected in Valladolid during the month of August, as tourism will continue to flow between Yucatan and Quintana Roo.


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