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Mobility: the challenge of a growing city (such as Mérida)

by Yucatan Times
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The excessive use of cars has resulted in a 13% increase of CO2 emissions, and this is one of the main reasons why it is necessary to raise awareness about commuting. In Merida, as in the rest of Latin America, there is a growing need for options to get people to their destinations without the need to use a car of their own.

In addition to the ecological approach, there is the problem of cities that start with an excessive growth and that eventually result in inefficient means of transport, traffic jams or transportation at too high a price. This leads to a new conceptualization of transport where passengers stop being owners of a car and become users of private, more efficent and less polluting transportation services, a trend that is setting the tone all over the world.

These are the new economic models of collaboration, which go beyond the transport industry and reflect on tools such as crowfunding, the provision of services through applications and digital platforms, as well as products that are easily internationalized and add to the value chain of more than one industry.

So then, the challenge is to find ways of income that allow people to capitalize their free time while reducing the ecological impact in a community. And in this aspect technology plays a crucial role. Thanks to digital tools, today 71% of the Mexican population are Internet users connected through a smartphone, these people have an endless number of options at their fingertips, that provide a solution to transportation and mobility problems.

Applications such as UBER, Cabify or inDriver operate under a business model adaptable to different communities.

inDriver specifically allows users to negotiate a fair price for a trip, while safeguarding the safety of passengers with security protocols that include real-time travel monitoring functions, attributes of the application that no other competitor currently has.

“We have been working for almost six years to contribute to a business model that adds to the communities in which we work, focusing on creating efficient sources of employment that are also integrated organically with the lifestyle of our users” declared Mikhail Zaytsev, public relations director of inDriver.

“We are very proud to see that currently 10% of our drivers are women motivated by the generation of income safely and without affecting other personal activities” he concluded.

Source: yucatanalamano.com

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