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Microsoft Certification Paths & Tips To Pass Easily

by Yucatan Times

Microsoft is one of the most popular American multinational corporations which manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, personal computers, and other such electronics. Microsoft is a renowned name in the industry, mainly because of its specialized Windows Operating Systems.

Certification from any company displays the skills of a particular candidate and distinguishes them from their peers. It helps a person stand out in a crowd. It also helps an employer to understand the potential of an employee by looking at the certifications that their employee possesses. A certification from Microsoft is highly prestigious because of the very fact that it is one of the fastest growing as well as top companies in today’s world.

A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is an individual who completes this professional certification program provided by Microsoft. Various individuals are trained to implement the products of Microsoft to the practical business environment which they work in.


Division of Microsoft Certifications:

  • Cloud– Business intelligence is the main focus of the division. It also works with Windows Server 2016, cloud data platform solutions, machine learning, data analytics, Microsoft Azure and big datacenters.
  • Mobility– This category is for the people who are the end users and who are involved in desktop topics. This includes Windows 10, enterprise and desktop-based applications. It also for managing and planning devices in the enterprise settings.
  • Data– This particular division focuses upon the particular area incorporatesdata management and analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, business applications as well as other prominent technologies such as SQL Server 2016 along with other prominent Microsoft database technologies. Database development is also seen as very important in this particular area. It includes working on the development of SQL databases along with Transact-SQL.
  • Productivity– This category aims to bring into consideration the authorizations of Microsoft Office Specialist with other specializations which are close aboutMicrosoft product offerings which includeSkype for Windows as well as SharePoint Server, etc.
  • App builder– This category can be thought of as a development-oriented category. It covers all the prominent app building topics which make use of Microsoft solutions and affiliated platforms which aid in building compatible software. The topics include architecting, Visual Studio Team Foundation, testing and building solutions around Azure, SharePoint Server, designing,managing the entire project.
  • Business Applications– In this category, prominent Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms and technologies such as Financials (AX), Retail, Field Service, Dynamics 365 for Sales, Finance and Operations, Distribution and Trade (AX), Customer Servicealong with other applications are under focus.

Each of these are areas which require a high level of knowledge and person’s experience to be tested in order to gain Microsoft certifications.

What the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Certification includes:

  • All exams required in Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate(MCSA)- This particular certification validates the ability of the holder to design and build solutions using the essential Microsoft technologies.
  • All exams required in Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert(MCSE)- This particular certification showsthat the holder possesses the skills to build and design advanced solutions which integrate multiple Microsoft technologies. It requires MCSAas a prerequisite.
  • All exams required for Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer(MCSD)- This particular certification proves that the holder possesses skills in designing and building application solutions. It also requires MCSA as a prerequisite.

A certification from all these exams is required to attain an authentic Microsoft Certification.

What does not qualify for MCP Certification:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate(MTA)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS)

Benefits of Microsoft Certification Programme:

  • Enables professionals to validate their technical expertise through rigorous, industry proven and widely recognized exams.
  • When an individual attains this particular certification, he/she is recognized in their area of expertise by giving them a chance to grow professionally.
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals have the opportunity to earn larger in their respective fields.
  • Adds a lot of value to a person’s resume or CV and thus enhances career opportunities.
  • Makes it easy to upgrade MCSE titles.
  • One of the basic requirements for most of the job profiles in today’s world is the expert knowledge of Microsoft usage.
  • An MCP establishes a base on using MS Office easily. This includes MS PowerPoint for creating a presentation, MS Word for creating documents, MS Project for managing projects or MS Excel for managing data. MCP can thus showcase its efficiency in all these functions.
  • The flexibility of work- This is a significant benefit and one of the main reasons why ExamCollection MCP Certifications are so popular. Once Microsoft certifies an individual due to possession of all the required skills, he/she can demonstrate the high flexibility of work because of his/her expertise in this area. Stretches the line of opportunities present in the workplace.
  • Worldwide brand recognition for Microsoft.
  • High availability of practice questions and information online.

Drawbacks to Microsoft Certification Programme:

  • Not all networks are based on Microsoft.
  • The courses and the certifications are very limited to the operations of only Microsoft and not any other software.
  • It is difficult to apply the knowledge obtained from these certifications to other platforms. Thus, it is helpful within Microsoft but very limited if and when the individual wishes to move to another platform.

How is a Microsoft Certification earnt?

  • It can be attained by passing the exams which are aligned with a specific certification. For instance, the top Cloud Microsoft certification is considered to be Microsoft MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. To get it you need to gain MCSA certification first and pass 2 or 3 exams, this depends on the path you choose. In order to become MCSA: Cloud Platform certified you need to pass 2 exams from 70-473, 70-475, 70-532, 70-533 or 70-534. As for MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification, it requires sitting for 70-740, 70-741 and 70-742 exams. When you have a prerequisite certification, you are ready for MCSE certifications. So, you should choose one more exam on Official Microsoft website which is adequate to the career path that appeals to you.


Criteria to pass different exams to hold the certification:

  • MCSA– An individual will need to pass two or more exams to achieve the credentials, these are the basic requirements for MCSA certifications. An individual is required to clear a career path which determines the exams one needs to sit for to become MCSA selected, or they can choose from a number of elective exams.
  • MCSE-An individual will be required to pass one exam to get the certification. Each certification will have a definite number of aligned elective exams for the individual to choose from.
  • MCSD– Like the other certification, individuals should clear a single exam for this certification.Each certification has several elective exams that the individual can choose from.

Facts about Microsoft certification in the recent years:

  • Respondents are well-tenured, with an average age mostly belonging to the category of middle-aged.
  • Most of the respondents are either in or going into their IT careers.
  • More women in IT ranks, with the ratio gap getting narrower.
  • Average Base Salary- $80,791
  • Raise in Salary after acquiring certification- $2193.

To sum up, there are a wide variety of Microsoft certifications to any test and need. Just choose the one or ones appropriate to your career goals. Wish you success!


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