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Manual for jaguars’ protection is being prepared in Quintana Roo

by Yucatan Times
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The National Alliance for the Conservation of the Jaguar, is currently preparing a Manual of Good Practices in which they point out the zones of flow and habitat of the jaguar within the state of Quintana Roo, where almost 50% of the species that exist in the country live.

“The Alliance will make this document available for those in charge of carrying out environmental impact studies for roads and other types of urban or rural development,” informed Marco Antonio Lazcano Barrero, director of the El Eden ecological reserve and secretary of the Alliance for the Conservation of the Jaguar.

“So far this year, two jaguars have been ran over by motor vehicles in Quintana Roo, since there is no adequate road planning to avoid affecting the habitat of the species, which reaches a record population of 2,200”, said Lazcano Barrero.

“Two animals were run over and killed, which demonstrates the serious problem that must be solved with better planning, specially in the north of the state,” he added.

Given this scenario, he proposed mitigating the impacts of road infrastructure on the biological corridors that are planned for the conservation of the species in Mexico, as these create barriers for the passage of wildlife from one side to the other.

Although there are initiatives to promote the establishment of Standards that protect the species of human activity, they are aware that these will take time to materialize, that is why they have prepared this manual of best practices.

“The Manual of Practical Improvements, will allow in the short term to generate a standard of how to take care of wildlife, how these specimens should be treated and where they should be placed, because the problem is not only where to relocate them, what is necessary is to use the jaguar as a step that connects a corridor where there is no development, with human settlements. An other schemes need to be developed, such as payment for environmental services, ” he said.

He explained that the project will also serve to show environmental impact researchers, where are the jaguar corridors ar located, as many Real Estate developers ignore that they are investing in a Protected Natural Area.

Source: SIPSE

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