Man dies after falling 50 feet from a metal structure in the north of Mérida

A man about 40 years old died around 3:30 PM on Monday July 23rd, after falling more than 15 meters high (approximately 50 feet), while he was placing a billboard ad on top a metal advertising structure.

The place of the accident is Avenida Garcia Lavin, near the corner with Calle 31, Colonia Montebello, in the north of Mérida (not too far from the City Center shopping center).

Apparently the victim was working in an extremely dangerous situation without an appropriate fall protection system, or was not properly tied to a harness that could protect him from a fall.

The dead body remains unidentified, as the deceased was inexplicably abandoned by his coworkers.


Source: Diario de Yucatán



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