It´s official, Mauricio Vila Dosal is the new governor-elect of Yucatán

With 39.19% of the votes, Mauricio Vila Dosal, candidate for the governorship of Yucatán by the PAN-MC coalition, obtained the triumph in the July 1 elections. His closest opponent, Mauricio Sahuí Rivero, accepted his defeat.

According to the official results of the final count in the 15 district councils, Vila Dosal surpassed Sahuí by four percentage points. The PRI candidate obtained 35%.

The PRI candidate Mauricio Sahui acknowledged his defeat.

“I appreciate the broad participation of the Yucatecan citizens, those who particularly believed in the project of a better Yucatan and especially those who worked in our campaign and gave their best effort. To live in a democracy is to recognize that there are different visions and that it is our duty to respect ourselves and coexist in order to achieve a better society”, said Sahuí.

Meanwhile, the national leader of the PAN party, Damián Zepeda Vidales declared: “We are very proud of the victory of Mauricio Vila in Yucatan, we know of his capability and we have no doubt that he will be an extraordinary governor”.

TYT Newsroom

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