Four deaths in Yucatán due to Influenza: State Health Secretariat

After days of waiting to have formal laboratory results, the State Secretariat of Health of Yucatan (Secretaría de Salud de Yucatán: SSY) reported that there are four deaths due to the outbreak of influenza in the state.

The head of that unit, Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Mezquita, reported that the state currently has a record of 92 confirmed cases of Influenza, at the end of the 28th Epidemiological Week.

He said that it is a virus that is present throughout the year in Mexico, but there are times (like right now), when it increases due to the presence of humidity, especially in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Mendoza Mezquita urged citizens to go as soon as possible to the doctor if symptoms such as severe headache, dry cough and runny nose occur.

He said that it is through timely diagnosis that the indicated treatment can be accessed, so there is no need to use rapid tests, which efficiency could be doubtful.

Anyone can get Influenza, but the priority groups of attention are children under five years of age, seniors and people who have a chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, morbid obesity or people who smoke too much, among others.

He said that these vulnerable sectors had a 100% coverage within their vaccination scheme during the last winter season, in the period from October to March.

The basic hygiene measures are hand washing, avoid crowded places and sudden temperature changes.