Environmental emergency must be declared in Tulum: environmentalists

Arenales de Tulum

For environmentalists like Pedro Casar, the municipality of Tulum must declare an environmental emergency, especially in the double membrane sanitary landfill area that has been in operation for more than 2 years.

For Pedro Casar, it is urgent to maintain the ecological stability of Tulum, while the authorities assure that there are still alternatives to mitigate possible damage.

In this regard, the environmentalist assured that the use of the sanitary landfill was never adequate, since the activity started approximately 2 years ago, only to serve as a place to dispose of household waste for a small town, but with the exponential growth of Tulum, and the big number of hotels and restaurants that have been established in the area, the garbage has become a serious environmental problem. .

He explained that initiatives and ideas come and go, but in the end nothing solid has been achieved. The reality is that the negative environmental impact in Tulum and its surrounding areas, is serious and drstic measures must be taken as soon as possible, starting with the municipal dump .

In an interview with local newspaper La Jornada Maya,  representatives of the Ministry of the Environment of the State, such as Óscar Álvarez Gil, undersecretary of Ecology and the Environment, expressed their concern about this situation, but determined that it is not the moment to launch an environmental contingency alert, since the state administration is already working in a thorough and adequate project, to maket the landfill withstand even more load.

Tulum’s sanitary landfill area (Photo: La Jornada Maya)

Source: La Jornada Maya