“El Palacio de la Música” the maximum expression of cultural infrastructure in the Yucatán Peninsula

Palacio de la Música (Photo: Alejandro Azcárate for TYT)

“El Palacio de la Música” has become the maximum expression of cultural infrastructure in the Yucatán Peninsula and all Southeast Mexico.

According to Notimex, the presentation of the enclosure was handled by the General Director of Cultural Liaison of the Federal Ministry of Culture, Antonio Crestani. Crestani commented that of the total 348 million pesos investment for the construction of the palace, the federal government allocated 300 million.

The official stressed that the space is built to accommodate various activities, not only those related to traditional and popular Mexican music, and will host actions in all areas of the Fine Arts for the enjoyment of its visitors.

Likewise, a broad cultural corridor will be formed, which also includes the Olimpo Cultural Center and the Peón Contreras, Armando Manzanero, Daniel Ayala and Felipe Carrillo Puerto theatres.

It will be a very important cultural centre in a city distinguished by the enormous cultural activity that has always lived there, since Merida and all of Yucatan have been the birthplace of great artists,” he said.

The space will house an auditorium with a capacity for 450 people, as well as a state-of-the-art studio where professional recordings can be made. It will also be made up of eight museographic halls whose works will be in charge of the experts of the recognized Superior School of Arts of Yucatan.

It is planned that the palace also serves as an academic space, provided that a degree in Traditional and Popular Mexican Music is taught in the near future, a course that will begin as a diploma course.

Finally, Crestani recalled that this year there has been a historical investment of almost three billion pesos for cultural infrastructure, 50 percent more than in the last 15 years through the Program of Support for Cultural Infrastructure of the State.

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