Eight Mexican Wolf pups were born in captivity, and they already have a name

(Photo: laverdadnoticias.com)

The eight Mexican wolf pups born on April 17 at the Los Coyotes Zoo (ZLC) already have a name. This litter is the largest registered in zoos of the capital of the country because it consists of 6 female wolves and 2 males.

After a few weeks of receiving votes to choose the names of the eight Mexican wolf pups, these are the winning names:

Iká / Aire / Air
Kanimi / Alegre / Cheerful
Ba’wí / Agua / Water
Bimorí / Niebla / Fog
Carari / Sombra / Shadow
Arihué / Tiene alma / Soul bearer
Saté / Arena / Sand
Ariché / Atardecer / Sunset

This was announced in an official statement from the Ministry of the Environment (SEDEMA), and was made known through the General Directorate of Zoos and Wildlife.

Note that this is the second time that their parents have puppies, so, at this time, the zoo houses a total of 17 individuals of this species: 2 adults, 7 young wolves of 1 year and 8 puppies. In this way, these Mexican wolves participate in the Binational Program between Mexico and the United States for the recovery of this species.

The shelter of the Mexican wolves inside the Zoo is closed to the public for the moment, to protect the breeding, care and protection of the puppies.

So also the SEDEMA will inform the public when the opening is made and the wolves can be visited.

After the birth of these puppies, the staff of the zoo has been responsible for the care and protection since the Mexican Wolf (Lobo Mexicano) is an endangered species, on the brink of total extinction.

TYT Newsroom with information from the Ministry of the Environment (Secretaría del Medio Ambiente: SEDEMA)