Cases of depression decrease in Yucatan

(Photo: parhlo)

According to official data from the Federal Health Secretariat, the number of cases of depression in Yucatan has decreased in comparison with the same period last year.

There are currently 912 registered cases of this mental disorder in the state. Until the epidemiological week 27 -with a cut-off date of July 7- 912 patients have been treated for this condition in public health centers of the state (185 men and 727 women).

During the same period in 2017, 1,375 cases were reported statewide, we’re talking about 463 less cases, which represents a decrease of 50.7%.

This information was published on the National Epidemiological Bulletin, and it indicates that last year Yucatan had a total of 2,398 cases of this mental disorder were registered in 2017.

At the national level, the state that presents the highest number of people with depression, is Mexico City, with 8,684; followed by the states of Jalisco and Chihuahua, with 5, 483 and 5,004 registered cases of depression, respectively.

Yucatan is number 15 on the list of depression cases nationwide.

Due to the high incidence on the number of cases of this mental health conditon, the Juvenile Integration Center of Yucatan has considered it necessary to work with greater constancy in the prevention of this desease, and the treatment of people showing depression symptoms, on a timely manner.

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