Coming events of the Yucatan Toh Bird Festival:

Bird watching Tours:

  • Oxkutzcab, August 9.
  • Mocontún, municipality of Tekax, September 2.

Ecotourism tours:

  • San Crisanto, July 15
  • San Felipe, August 12

These are some of the events part of the upoming Yucatan Toh 2018 Bird Festival.

The event aims to promote nature tourism and the development of sustainable tourism, with the benefits it generates to the environment, communities and the development of the state, according to a statement.

The turquoise plumage of the Toh watchmaker bird (“Eumomota superciliosa“) inspired the creation of this activity 16 years ago, and in the last eight years it has been characterized by fostering a great interest for bird watching.

The program is developed over eight months and it is aimed at: tourists, nature photographers, bird watchers, naturalist guides, students, children and general public.

Toh bird (Photo:

One of the activities included in the program is the Xoc ch’ich Bird Marathon, which consists in counting birds, this is the summit event of the festival and will take place from November 23 to 25, 2018. Participants are organized in teams that will try to observe and record the greatest number of bird species in a 29-hour period.

Another of the upcoming events is the workshop “Learning to observe birds” level 2, which will be given by the master of science Ernesto Gómez Uc, on August 24 and 25 in the Kaxil kiuic reserve, located in Oxkutzcab, Yuc.