“Andares” a play about indigenous people, will be presented in Campeche

(Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

Andares, a play that presents the lives of three young indigenous people based on personal anecdotes, popular cosmogonies, diverse arts and popular music, will be presented on July 17 and 18 in San Francisco de Campeche at the Juan de la Cabada theater at 8 pm.

The theatrical piece is an honest and powerful reflection on what the indigenous people face today, before the modern and traditional life. Given this, Josue Maychi, who is originally from an indigenous community in Campeche and is also one of the actors in the play, said that for him, this project represents a return to his essential naturalness.

“When one receives a formation … some of the things that they ask you is to neutralize your accent”, he explained, and he reported that it was difficult for him to perform the work because it meant becoming the Joshua Maychi original character (himself), instead of an actor playing a role.

“This project has allowed me to be myself, to talk about what I am and what I have and how I perceive myself in the world,” he said.

Flores Komatsu said that his intention is that the public will be able to take something with them after watching the play, a message or a feeling. He also pointed out that before this project, he had never been in direct contact with indigenous people, and that ultimately, this is the most important thing about the play, to have a face-to-face contact with the communities.

Also, Hector Flores Komatsu, director of the project, explained that they are planning to take the project to China, and this represents a challenge because they must adapt the piece to another culture, so they will try to take the message to something much more “essential”.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx