Aeromexico flight with 101 people on board crashes in the Northern state of Durango

An Aeromexico plane has crashed in the northern Mexican state of Durango with 101 people on board, injuring at least 80 people.

The airline said it was aware of reports of an accident and was seeking to verify information and obtain further details.

It said flight number 2431 was an Embraer 190 with a capacity for 100 passengers and was bound for Mexico City when it crashed.

A spokesman for the civil defence office of Durango state said 80 people were injured in the accident, while the governor of the state said there were no deaths.

TV images showed the tail of a plane bearing an Aeromexico logo emerging from scrubland and a column of smoke rising into the sky.

A reporter for network Milenio said some passengers had survived and walked to a highway to seek help.

Shortly after taking off, the plane made an emergency landing about six miles (10 km) from the airport, Alejandro Cardoza, a spokesman for the state’s civil protection agency, said on local television.

The plane had 97 passengers and four crew members on board, Mexico’s transport minister said on Twitter.

The civil defence office of Durango state said the accident occurred in a field near the airport for the state capital, also named Durango.

The airport has been closed.

The state’s governor, Jose Rosas Aispuro, said on local television that the plane was bound for Mexico City, and that no deaths were registered.

“The plane was taking off,” said Mr Rosas Aispuro, going on to say witnesses told him there was “a bang” and then without warning the plane was on the ground.

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