A library is built thanks to waste collection in Mérida

Garbage separation and recycling are habits that benefit the planet. Or at least reduce the damage that garbage causes if it is only taken to landfills. Thanks to the Programs of Recycling of Oral Care Products and Soap Wrappers, La Casa Vifac Mérida (Association of Life and Family) collected enough money to build a library at its headquarters in Mérida, Yucatán.

After three years of collecting waste such as oral hygiene products and soap bar packages, among other types, Vifac received a donation of 300 thousand pesos (15,437.87 USD). This type of waste is normally not considered as recyclable, however they found a company that recycles difficult or unconventional materials and offers donations in exchange.

The original plan of the organization was to raise funds to build a library in a nearby school, seeking support from it for the collection of garbage. However, they did not find enough commitment from the students and teachers, and decided then to take the opportunity offered by the company TerraCycle to benefit their own association.

The people in charge of the association decided that the library should stay in their facilities in order to increase the habit of reading in their beneficiaries so that they and their children had access to better opportunities. By means of recycling they increased the quality of life of the women who receive the services.

Through programs associated with different brands, TerraCycle grants approximately twenty-five cumulative cents for each piece of recycling that is collected. The people who did the work of collecting can choose a nonprofit organization to which they want to donate the money. Vifac and many non-profit organizations receive donations for these projects.

Currently La Casa Vifac Mérida has in its facilities the Rosario Castellanos Library that can be used by those who receive their services as an association.

Vifac headquarters in Mérida stated that to be able to build the library was “a dream come true thanks to what we call trash”. They convey the message of commitment to sustainability, to people and to knowledge with their actions.

In addition to these achievements, the organization will continue to collect waste to finance a full scholarship (12 thousand pesos) for a seminar student of the Missionaries of Guadalupe.

Press release by www.terracycle.com.mx

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