22 year-old American tourist commits suicide in Cancun

(Photo: huamantla.org)

A 22-year-old American tourist, allegedly took his own life in a lodging center in the hotel zone of Cancun, presumably when he threw himself from the building’s roof.

The father of the man said that his son suffered from schizophrenia, so it is presumed that he could have committed suicide in a hotel located at kilometer 17.5 of the ​​Cancun Hotel Zone.

Ministerial police agents and criminal experts, arrived to the lodging center, cordoned off the area and initiated the investigation along with elements of the Gendarmerie Division of the Federal Police.

The agents of the Office of the Prosecutor found the lifeless body of a male person, who had fractures in different parts of the body, as consequence from the fall.

(Photo: elsoldemexico.com.mx)

The Mexican officials met with Carney Herriot MG, 56, from London, England, who said that the now deceased was his son whom he identified as Carney de Cortés Kiaran AMP, 22 years old, originally from Miami, Florida, U.S.A

The man told the ministerial agents that since last July 11, he and his son were staying at the hotel and that in the afternoon of Monday July 16,, the young man left the room and around 8:30 pm, and then he received a call to inform him that his son had suffered an accident.

He added that for three years, his son was under medical treatment because he suffered from schizophrenia, so the ministerial authorities are already investigating whether the young foreigner committed suicide or was the victim of a homicide.

Source: elsoldemexico.com.mx