Yucatecan writer receives Medal of Cultural Journalism “Oswaldo Baqueiro López”

(Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

The contributions of Antonio Novelo Medina to the dissemination of the Yucatecan heritage, through the creation of various informative and literary materials, will be acknowledged with the Medal of Cultural Journalism “Oswaldo Baqueiro López”, in its 2018 edition.

The winner, selected from a series of proposals made by civil associations and trade associations, received the award on Thursday, June 7, within the framework of Freedom of Expression Day.

According to the award granted by the qualifying jury, chaired by Xhaíl Espadas Ancona, the recipient obtained a majority of votes for his permanent work in the promotion of the Yucatecan identity through photographs, chronicles and interviews, both in print and via radio and TV.

Also, after extensive deliberation and meticulous review of the candidacies, the collegiate body that was also made up of Faulo Sánchez Novelo, Roldán Peniche Barrera, Socorro Chablé González and Roberto López Méndez, unanimously declared Medina Novelo winner of the Medal for best Journalistic performance this year.

Medina Novelo is originally from the municipality of Ticul. In 1957 he ventured into the graphic arts as a linotipist, while in 1964 he was part of the founding staff of a local newspaper, in which he worked for two decades as coordinator of workshops and cultural supplement design .

In the late 80s, his name appeared on the initial template of a Quintana Roo newspaper, in the role of production manager. Later he entered the Institute of Culture of Yucatan (ICY) where he was in charge of the departments of Communication, Press and Graphic Arts.

He is the author of the short story Abril, Amor as well as the book Mérida, the one from Yucatán that, after four reprints, already has a total of 2,000 copies. In 2005, he published the text Merida in time, Yucatan in history, supplemented by 450 poetic images and writings.

Other of his works are legends, events and stories of Yucatan volumes 1 and 2, in addition to the compilation of 77 fragments “Meridanos“, with an equal amount of articles published in a local newspapers.

Since 2013 and to date, he shares cameras and microphones with Mario Chacón in the program “A walk along the memories” that is broadcasted by a public television station.


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