Your Best Guide to Vape Pens

We’re sure you’ve heard about the vape pens, as their popularity grown even more day by day. In this article you’ll find the best pieces of advice and pieces of information to guide you in this journey.

Here’s everything you need to know about vape pens:

First of all, we bet you wonder why vaping is suddenly so popular. It’s true that their popularity has increased a lot over the years. Some people do vape because it’s an easy way to quit smoking, as they help people stay away from the dangerous chemicals which can be found in regular cigarettes. All of this, with a bit of nicotine, too. Also, you can forget about the dangers of the secondhand smoke, so people can be around you while you’re vaping, Vaping is actually considered to be much healthier, so give it a try.

It is also popular with people who use cannabis, some for health reasons, some think it’s way fun to vape than to smoke pot, because the smoke does not get to your lungs. Also, you should see someone vaping in public – it’s really discreet.


What should I choose between pen style and cigarette style?

This depends on the situation: do you want just to quit smoking cigarettes, or do you want something fancy?

Vape pens are some long and thin tubes that can be recognized as some fancy pens. They come in lots of different colors and styles and even features. There are tiny ones, discreet even, or some with bright colors and even larger.

Cigarette-style eCigs can help you easily transfer from the traditional cigarettes. They have a similar form to those of actual cigarettes. They usually come in small size, smaller than the vape pens, they’re easy to carry and as easy to use. The form is not the only thing that makes us think about actual cigarettes, as they also simulate the real cigarette experience. But there are not as many flavors to choose from, that you’ll have when picking a vape pen. Also, not so many colors and styles either.

What’s the vape juice?

You can find a variety of vape juice and lots of bottles from many suppliers. The vape juice can also be non-medicated, which means that in its composition will not have any nicotine or other substances, but pure flavoring and vegetable glycerin. But they can also contain nicotine or THC for the cannabis users.


The components of your vape pen are:

It has a tank if it’s refillable or a cartridge, if you only want to use it once. This is where the liquid is held. It can be made of plastic, glass or steel.

It has an atomizer, which is the heating element that’s found inside your vape pen. This is what converts the liquid into the droplets that you inhale. To activate the atomizer (for some), you’ll need to push a button.

It has a battery and a charger. The battery is rechargeable and it’s good to know that it may not last all day. It all depends on how much you vape. The charger can be found as a USB charger, a car charger, and even a wall charger.