Trump’s ‘Tent Cities’: where unaccompanied minors are kept in South Texas

According to Esquire: Beyond the moral and human rights calamity that is President Trump’s de facto family separation policy, it is also a logistical disaster that is placing back-breaking strain on a system near the breaking point.

One consequence of this is that the facilities for unaccompanied minors – like the one in Brownsville, Texas, that sparked a national furor – are overloaded because they’re now being sent additional children who are “unaccompanied” because they were torn away from their parents.

The Trump administration’s response to this was to construct so-called “tent cities” in Tornillo, Texas, outside El Paso. Children will be kept in extreme south Texas conditions – though the tents reportedly have air conditioning – in a setup that is reportedly three times as expensive as keeping them with their parents would have been. The average temperature in El Paso in July is 96 degrees. The record is 114 F°

Already, comparisons have been drawn to the last time we shipped people to tent cities on government land.

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Source: Esquire

Trump’s ‘Tent Cities’ where unaccompanied minors are kept in South Texas (Photo: Esquire)