PRI candidate claims alleged witchcraft against him


A canditate of the PRI political party to the municipal presidency of Dzilám González, whose name is Christian Carrillo Baeza denounced through his social networks that during his campaign he has not only suffered insluts and vandalism, but has also been harassed with the practices of alleged witchcraft.

The PRI flag-bearer shared pictures of black cloth dolls that appeared on his house doorstep, with embedded pins and with his name embroidered on them.

Despite the appearing of these objects right outiside his home, he replied that he will not be intimidated by this type of acts, since the electoral campaign “is a democratic process and not a duel.”

“I have always been a believer of hard work and good attitude but we will not allow the health or integrity of my team or my family to be damaged. A lot of people in Dzilam trust me, and we are convinced of the formula required to win” he said in his social networks.

Carrillo Baeza also asked his adversaries not to harm, threaten or harass people who trust him. “If you are going to do something agaisnt me, do it to me, not to others” he said.

In addition to the “witchcraft dolls” that appeared in his and in other collaborators’ homes, the candidate also published on social networks a photograph of a PRI billboard that was vandalized in Dzilam González and considered that these actions are not ethical.

He concluded saying that he will carry on with his political campaign and that he does not fear his adversaries or the supposed witchcraft against him.