The flagship restaurant of Chablé Resort & Spa, Ixi’im, has been recognized as the most beautiful eatery in the world.

Within Chablé Resort & Spa you will discover one of the most internationally acclaimed hotels in Mexico. Beyond that a small, architectural paradise also lies within, called: Ixi’im, which is the flagship restaurant of this luxury hotel.

Ixi’im has just been recognized by UNESCO for its beauty and received the Prix Versailles international award on May 15th.


Designed by Paulina Morán, Unesco’s Prix Versailles garland recognizes the best in interior and exterior design as well as architecture in shops, hotels and restaurants in the world.

From a shortlist of 32 countries, Ixi’im won in the category of the most beautiful restaurant in the world, “thanks to its exquisite integration of architecture and interior design in a project of excellence”, according to a statement.


This is the second Prix Versailles won by Paulina and her team. In 2017, they won it in the category of the best hotel in the world for the luxury complex Chablé Resort & Spa, where Ixi’im is located.

The cuisine and gastronomy of Ixi’im was created by the chef Jorge Vallejo, whose restaurant Quintonil is considered number 12 on the San Pellegrino list.

The restaurant is built from a series of independent structures of the nineteenth century, the remains of a rope factory that formed part of the henequen property that was located in Chablé, in Yucatan.


For its construction materials such as metal, glass, pasta floors, wood and stones of the Yucatan region were used. In addition, the doors of the terrace open to integrate the place within the natural wonder that surrounds the place. The washbasins are an original machined-quarry design, with a white laser-cut marble rosette.

Inside the restaurant you will find the world’s largest exhibition of tequila bottles, which is certified by the Guinness Record.


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