More employment opportunities in Yucatán

(Photo: SIPSE)

Yucatan registered a favorable 18% trend during the third quarter of the year, the highest among the states of Southeastern Mexico, which on average registered 11%, according to the Manpower Group’s Employment Expectations survey.

ManpowerGroup regional manager Vanesa Melayes said the state reports a net trend of 18%, three percentage points down compared to the previous quarter and one percentage point down compared to last year.

She added that Mérida employers report an 18% employment trend, where 20% plan to increase their workforce, 2% expect a decrease, 77% expect to keep the same number of employees and 1% declared they did not know.

Also, she highlighted that the manufacturing and commerce sectors report the most optimistic forecasts for the months of July, August and September, with employment trends of 12% each.

“For its part, mining and extraction reports a trend of 11%, registering two percentage points above the previous quarter and three percentage points above in annual comparison.”

“Employers expect to increase their recruitment levels in the four categories by company size. The bigger corporations report a net employment trend of 20%. Employers in medium-sized companies report expectations of 9%, small businesses expect 7%, and micro-enterprises expect a 1 percent.”

Source: SIPSE