Metal structure collapses due to strong winds, no people injured

(Photo: SIPSE)

On Saturday, June 2, the assistants to an event that was taking place at an outdoor arena located in the east of Mérida were terrified when part of a metal structure fell due to the strong winds caused by the “storm” that was registered that day.

As part of the celebration a musical group was supposed to perform, but their feature presentation had to be cancelled due to the rain and strong winds, and when the spectators ran to take refuge from the rain, suddenly the metal structure fell on top of them.

Aarón Palomo Euán, Coordinator of Civil Protection in Yucatán, reported that there were no reports of serious injuries and only one end of the awning fell collapsed due to the wind.

He assured that firefighters and paramedics arrived, but they did not find injured, except for two people who suffered some bruises, that were treated right there and did not need to be taken to a hospital.

Palomo Euán mentioned that this was the only incident reported due to weather conditions and other outdoor events scheduled for that date took place without any problems.

Source: SIPSE

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