Mérida attracts Chinese business sector attention

(Photo: Emanuel Rincón Becerra/yucatan.com.mx)

A delegation of the municipal government of Guigang, city of China with more than 5,000,000 inhabitants, arrived in Mérida on June 18 in Merida in order to explore the exchange opportunities and have information for the development of future business.

It is the first time that representatives of that city visit Mérida and, according to the president of the China Peninsula Association of Yucatan, Bai Yi, they are attracted by the interesting things they hear from other Chinese officials who have visited the capital of Yucatan two or three times.

Also due to the promotion made by the City of Merida in China in the trips of approach between the city and the Asian country.

The Guigang delegation will meet on June 19 with the mayor of Mérida, María Fritz Sierra, for the start of a cultural, educational, artistic and business exchange.

“The steel company that comes is a giant of this industry and comes to do some market research because it wants to expand its business in this region of Mexico,” said Bai Yi, the main promoter of the approach between China and Mérida.

Source: yucatan.com.mx