Man dies accidentally in Merida´s Centenario Zoo


On June 1, Jesús Rangel Soto, from Puebla, died accidentally in the cable car of the Parque Centenario Zoo.

The tragedy occurred after the manager did not realize that there were maintenance personnel working in the cable car’s machinery. And as the cable car mechanism was turned on, the technician was crunched to death, as it was said the body of the deceased would have almost split in two.

A version arose that the man was employed by the park, although other reports indicate that he was not.

The deceased, a resident of Mérida, of approximately 30 years old, died from acute anemia, secondary to internal hemorrhage due to closed thoracic abdominal trauma, according to the medical report.

The body of the worker of a private company remained in the facilities of the Semefo waiting for his family to travel from Puebla to Mérida to identify his relative, as they were notified of the tragic incident.

The Office of the Prosecutor opened a file of investigation, to determine responsibilties.