InDriver, ready to rumble in Mérida!


inDriver, an online transportation service, is now available for the people of Merida.

InDriver users can choose the price of the trip, while drivers can choose the most profitable and convenient orders.

In all other transportation services that operate in Mexico, the cost of the trip is determined automatically by hidden algorithms. This means that a trip on the same route at different times may have a variant cost, depending on the weather conditions, the road situation, the volume of passenger applicants and many other factors. With the arrival of inDriver, the Meridanos have the opportunity of a taxi service at a really fair price.

Mérida is the second city in Mexico where inDriver has been launched. At the end of April, inDriver was available in Saltillo, state capital of Coahuila.

The service has already connected more than 500 cars in Merida, and every day dozens of new drivers are registered. In the first stage after the start, inDriver will not charge the drivers any commission, which will make the cost of the trip even lower.

In general, the InDriver drivers commission is 5 to 6 times smaller than that of the main competitors (UBER).

You can travel with inDriver in the limits of the city of Merida. Currently, the trip can be paid only in cash, which allows to reduce the cost of the trip even more, since when paying with a card, the banks charge an additional commission.

In the week before the launch, inDriver has been working in Merida in test mode. During this time, the cost of travel with inDriver was on average 20% lower than that of the main competitor (UBER), and on some routes in particular, up to 30%. For example, for a trip from Tecmilenio to Galerias Mérida with inDriver, users paid only 40 pesos, from La Isla Cabo Norte to Paseo de Montejo – 90 pesos, and from the Mayan Museum to Mérida Cathedral – 60 pesos.

Yegor Fedorov, director of Development InDriver Commercial said: “Just a week ago we announced the launch of our service in Mexico with the launch of inDriver in Saltillo, and today we arrive in Mérida. Like Saltillo, Mérida is one of the most dynamic and largest cities in the country with a great demand for transportation. Until today, transportation services had no option for local residents in terms of the cost of the trip, users could only accept the price specified in the application or at the taxi counter.”

“To change this situation, we want customers and drivers to independently and directly determine the fair and favorable price of each trip, and Mérida residents, who use inDriver, can ensure that the cost of the trip is significantly lower than the comepetition” he continued.

“And soon, people in other big cities of Mexico will be able to see it too, “concluded Yegor Fedorov, director of Development InDriver Commercial.

You can download inDriver for free in the Google Play Store and AppStore.