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Exotic / endangered species for sale at Mérida’s ‘Lucas de Gálvez’ market

by Yucatan Times
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Bad smell, rusty cages and reduced spaces for exotic species in danger of extinction is the picture that can be observed every day inside the Lucas de Gálvez market, although the purchase and sale of these animals is supposed to be sanctioned by environmental authorities.

Those who sell the species show absolutely no fear of having their “product” confiscated, even though they are under Official Mexican Standard NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010, in different categories such as Threatened, Danger of Extinction and/or Under Special Protection.

It is not a secret that in the ‘Lucas de Gálvez’ all kinds of different animals can be purchased, from the traditional hens and roosters, canaries, domestic dogs, or rabbits; to animals whose trade is prohibited as green and yellow-headed parrots, red cardinals and more.

There are about 10 “specialized” stores inside the “mercado” and if the interested party does not see the species he wants, he can ask the vendor for other “items” .

Grupo Milenio went to the Lucas de Gálvez to document how easy it was to get an animal that is under the General Law of Wildlife, to question the seller about whether they had a red cardinal, the answer was initially negative, but they immediately opened the possibility of obtaining it by “order”, with a n advanced payment of 600 pesos.

This means that anyone can go there and “order” an endangered species such as the red cardinal without any authority involved in the commercialization of these animals. Not to mention the unhealthy conditions in which these vendors keep pigeons, ducks, rabbits, hamsters, geese, dogs, etc.

(Photo: visionpeninsular.com)

Ernesto Maurin Guerrero, director of the Yucatan Animal Movement, pointed out that this problem arises from “the indiference of the authorities that do not want to take action on this issue”, it is widely known that animals are sold illegally at the “Lucas de Gálvez”  .

“The authorities are afraid to put an end to the “mafia” that exists in the commercialization of animals in danger of extinction and in general in various species, since this circle starts from the people who hunt them, those who sell them and the authorities do nothing to stop it, maybe because they might be getting part of that money,” Maurin Guerrero stated.

Source: SIPSE

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